Insights and Wisdom – a place on our site to collect just of the few golden nuggets of truth shared with love and humor by Floyd and Mercedes Gammage.  

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“The Engine that Could” –  Mercedes shared this metaphor of perseverance and determination to inspire strength during challenging odds.

“Excellence in what you do” – She expected the best from her family and modeled it in herself. 

“Believe in God” – A woman of faith, she shared with others that with a foundation of strength – all things are possible.

“No Excuses” – Floyd inspired his family to do more than they thought they could and never plan to fail.

“If you got quit in you your enemy will find it” – He knew that the world can sometimes accept less, he expected more.

More Quotes:

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be except able in thy sight old lord my strength and my redemption”

‘I am not trying to be your friend; I am trying to raise men’

‘Be a man in your house or there will be a man in your house’

‘Son, I don’t sale cars, when you want a car ask a car salesman’ (Seek wise counsel among trustworthy professionals)’

‘Whenever you decide to stop running into the wall the door is right here’ (Save money and leave debt alone, women cost money if you chase them but, if you lead the one that follows will give you more than money and treasure.

There isn’t a short cut to success hard work and persistence is a must with a focus on success.’

‘The man told you what he meant’ (People will often clearly tell you there intent whether it is to harm you and your finances, the words are often so bold and audacious that you cannot believe they were so blunt.)

-Floyd Leodist Gammage